Vernissage, 20.07.2016 19.00 h  - introduction & artist talks
Finissage, 15.10.2016 11.00 – 15.00

Press release
Comunicato stampa

text by Alessandro Romanini

Of the autonomy of matter and the discipline of thought and hand
In an artistic panorama often dominated by modes of expression ready-made to facilitate their critical classification and make the job of spectators, collectors and members of the art trade easier, Aron Demetz e Robert Pan truly belong to the select few artists who cannot help experimenting constantly and undyingly. Experimentation is the engine that drives their poetics and their approach, involving every aspect of their creation, from conception to design down to the materials and techniques they use to produce their works. Materials, methods and techniques transcend the mere object and technology to become veritable media fuelling poetic and philosophical choices... more