Vernissage, 12.10.2016, 19 h
Text: Nicola Samori
 Introduction Eva von Ingram Harpf
Artist talk, 25.11.2016, 20 h -  Rudy Cremonini, Nicola Samori with Denis Isaia

Press release
Comunicato stampa

Vertical Painting Rudy Cremonini is a vertical painter. Vertical painters are painters who are on close terms with gravity because they expose themselves to a limit that only a force of nature can overcome. Since Apelles depicted a horse frothing at the mouth, painting has been avid for natural forces and decisive animal gestures. Thus, Cremonini seems to think, if petals cannot paint themselves, at least the stem should be generated by a precise, spontaneous force. Hence, as soon as the pigment wears thin, the stems of his flowers, the legs of his flamingos and the branches of his willow trees push downwards to interrupt a flow, that may be either lazy or very fast. Before Cremonini, Cy Twombly too was a vertical painter, conscious of weight and capable of dulling informal gesture with less violent falling, later filtered by Mario Schifano and reduced to a stutter in the teardrops of the milky white veil painted by Gino De Dominicis in 1988. MORE