Leonardo Silaghi is born in Satu-Mare, Romania in 1987. He currently lives and works in New York and in Cluj-Napoca.
He graduated from the Painting Department of the University of Art and Design, Cluj.
Silaghi‘s artistic practice is based on an excellent academic education and transformed remarkably during the past years, turning from models of Eastern-European tradition to topics of Western painting. All his subjects and issues are dealt with in the medium of painting, that Silaghi researches closely. He has high standards, executing them with excellent technical skills. Nonetheless the artist retains a great easiness and dynamic inside the medium. Figuration and abstraction are all part of Silaghi‘s repertoire as much as the dealing with color and the concentration and reduction of the pallet to hues of grey, a characteristic of his painting. Silaghi is a promising young artist, with an interesting development and a consistent painting practice.medium can be measured in every detail transformed into a gentle and contemporary language.