Photo: Günter Richard Wett

Photo: Günter Richard Wett

Riccardo Previdi
*Milano 1974
lives and works in
Berlin, Milano, Merano

Open, 2017
steel, varnish, led
200 x 74 cm

Fun With Flags, 2017
Austria/Italy, France/Germany
inkjet print on canvas
70 x 100 cm

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Riccardo Previdi (Milan, 1974) presents a new edition of his work ‘OPEN’ (2017), a specially redesigned large-format neon sign that welcomes the visitor to the exhibition space. The work alludes to the many signs to be found outside shops, bars, and so on bearing the word ‘OPEN and listing the business's opening hours and activities. The artist has designed this large format readymade as a contemporary ‘keyword’ for a globalised society, highlighting the world trade in goods, messages, offers, materials and so on. At the same time, ‘OPEN’ extends an invitation and poses the pressing question of how ready we are to open up to migration flows worldwide.