Rudy Cremonini (born 1981, Bologna) lives and works in Bologna, Italy. He is first and foremost a figurative painter, the physical evidence of the brushstroke being one of the most striking aspects of his practice. Cremonini’s scenes are notable for their melancholic, even disturbing appearances and only hint at a reality they do not even seem to come from. They are reminiscent more of a world of dreams, memories and fears, conjuring up images, which, far from representing reality, surface from the depths of our imagination. Equal to the significance of his subject matter, is his ability to animate the surface of his paintings. Close examination reveals a ground so active that its abstraction is seductive and absorbing. The painterly nature of Cremonini’s work is extremely inviting. It is tempting for viewers to lose themselves in the “buttery” grounds and be drawn into the abstract world of marks and textures.