„I am a sculptor because I am fascinated by having material in front of me, processing it, and feeling how it comes to life. I always fight for that and often despair because it is still material I have in front of me." A number of core sculptural elements can be traced in the art of Walter Moroder (born 1963) and in his wealth of experience: physical expression and formative power. His interest in representational art is deeply rooted in his culture and his experience as an artist. His Ladin environment and the respected Val Gardena woodcarving tradition, his training in the workshop of his father, David Moroder, as well as his studies with Prof. Hans Ladner at Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich have paved the way for a careful exploration of the human body, the modeling of wood, and the relation between figure and space. In his writings and interviews, the sculptor repeatedly mentions that which disconcerts us. It runs through his works like a golden thread, and it is an inherent component of his conception of art. Serenity and timelessness are the most important hallmarks of his art. The vividness of the figures suggested by his art is not real. It is far more abstract and universal.